Your Cheap Xmas Shopping List

In an ideal world, Christmas would be a cheap time of year. Here’s how to make that happen with quality $5 gifts!

Christmas seems to get earlier every year and retailers are always pushing you to buy more, however you can still stuff everyone’s stockings with quality Kris Kringle gifts that wont send you spiraling into debt.

I’ve compiled two shopping lists, Christmas Gifts for Under Five Dollars (suitable for adults and kids) and Christmas Toys Under Ten Dollars. Both offer products available to buy in store or online and all were available at the time of writing and were standard prices, i.e. not weekly specials.

If you want to ensure your family doesn’t go crazy at Christmas (like mine usually does) I highly recommend an overseas Christmas. Not only will you have a higher chance of snow (as an Australian it’s always a dream to have a white Christmas) but with airlines increasingly cracking down on luggage limits, you’ll be forced to buy small and light presents.

Plan a trip to the North Pole to visit Santa next Christmas.

If you’ve listened to my podcast (I know I’ve missed a couple of episodes but life happened – my adorable 6-month-old niece requires ever more attention and also my grandmother passed away, but I promise I’ll get one out this month); you’ll know that New York was my all time favorite Christmas destination because it was just so Christmassy!

One of my favourite presents I received for our NYC Christmas, was tickets to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes. It’s somewhat kitschy but equally (as the name suggests), spectacular and was the perfect activity to do on Christmas Day.

The point here is, spending up big on expensive presents doesn’t create the memories, (apart from a watch, I can’t remember what else I received that Christmas) but I’ll always remember seeing the Rockettes at Radio City with Jen, and my sister.

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need to buy gifts for Christmas, we’d all have the time and required skills to make something useful and beautiful to treasure always; until then, I have also compiled a list of how to bring back the magic at Christmas, which is I guess my ideal celebration without the commercialism.

How do you celebrate Christmas in your family? I’d love to hear from people who live in countries besides Australia, what local flavours have you added to ‘Christmas?’ Comment below.

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