Cheap flights to Santiago fr $698**

Air New Zealand just keeps surprising with more amazing deals like $698 to Santiago!

**This deal has now ended**. Click here for other cheap flights to South America.

Air New Zealand just keeps surprising with more cheap flights, like Melbourne (MEL) to Santiago (SCL) from $698 return.

Travel is during Oct and all flights must be booked by Sat 6th July, so ask your boss tomorrow (Friday) so you can start planning your South American escape.

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Three important things to know about Chile:
1) They start their tourism slogan with an upside down exclamation point, because they do what they want.
2) The Island Robinson Crusoe was inspired by is an actual place you can visit and yes, there’s still treasure to be found (I saw a documentary about it).
3) Easter Island has one of the world’s largest cave systems.

Air New Zealand is a full service airline, and includes baggage, meals and in-flight entertainment, alongside a quick stop in Auckland to stretch your legs, and to pick up some Kiwi’s (on the plane, not as in dating…although..

If you click on a date, and it is not longer displaying the cheap price, it means it has unfortunately sold out. Check alternative dates to see if another is still available. These dates are by no means the only available dates. Click on view flight and modify search to fit your preferred travel dates.

$698 Return Melbourne to Santiago Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.

18/Oct10/Nov$698View Flight
06/Oct28/Oct$698View Flight
06/Oct27/Oct$698View Flight
09/Oct28/Oct$698View Flight
09/Oct27/Oct$698View Flight
23/Oct10/Nov$698View Flight
11/Oct28/Oct$698View Flight
11/Oct27/Oct$698View Flight
28/Oct10/Nov$698View Flight
30/Oct10/Nov$698View Flight

$717 Return Sydney to Santiago Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.

18/Oct10/Nov$717View Flight
09/Oct28/Oct$717View Flight
09/Oct27/Oct$717View Flight
23/Oct10/Nov$717View Flight
11/Oct28/Oct$717View Flight
11/Oct27/Oct$717View Flight
28/Oct10/Nov$717View Flight
30/Oct10/Nov$717View Flight
18/Oct28/Oct$717View Flight
24/Oct10/Nov$763View Flight

$1387 Return Adelaide to Santiago Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.

04/Sep11/Oct$1387View Flight

$1424 Return Brisbane to Santiago Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.

06/Oct28/Oct$1424View Flight
06/Oct27/Oct$1424View Flight
09/Oct28/Oct$1424View Flight
09/Oct27/Oct$1424View Flight
28/Oct10/Nov$1424View Flight
30/Oct10/Nov$1424View Flight
06/Nov27/Nov$1447View Flight
18/Oct10/Nov$1459View Flight
18/Oct28/Oct$1459View Flight
10/Aug25/Aug$1469View Flight
It's a long flight, better have something decent to read on it.

$1767 Return Perth to Santiago Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.

27/Jul04/Aug$1767View Flight
01/Dec14/Dec$2332View Flight

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Need a motorcycle or bicycle to explore Santiago?


Gaze up at the stars from above the Andes Mountains at one of the most famous observatories in the world. Need guidance in Santiago? You’ll find it here.


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