Cheap Flights Due To Coronavirus

Cheap flight tickets as a result of the coronavirus. You know you’ve been searching them, well here they are.
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Are you looking for cheap flights from the Coronavirus?

You’ve all been searching ‘cheap flights due to coronavirus’. I know, it shows up on my website statistics. Lucky for you, I’m already onto it.

For last minute flights, search here or to search for the cheapest flights, try this.

If you’ve been following my subreddit r/independenttravel or twitter accounts, Jade Talks Travel and Cheap Flights By Jade (this one is new, but it will feature cheap flights I come across, with direct links to book) then you would have seen some of the cheap flight tickets released recently like San Francisco to Barcelona fr $237 return!

If you’re looking for where you’ll find coronavirus deals and with which airlines, there’s no straight answer, however I have noticed some trends over the past few weeks.


Schedules Change Often
As a result of travel bans, reduced demand, and cancellations of bookings because of the #Coronavirus or #COVD-19, many airlines are altering their schedules, often last minute. So for the next few months at least, if you travel, be flexible as things may change. However, this can work in your favour.

New Routes Are Opening Up
As airlines attempt to recover lost profits, they are re-routing their aircraft to new routes, or those that are perceived as safe destinations. Don’t expect empty aircrafts to equal cheaper flight tickets as an airline generally won’t operate an empty aircraft unless it needs to relocate it. It’s more likely to cancel a flight and put remaining passengers onto another flight.

However, as airlines are trying to fill seats on flights operating, you will notice cheaper airfares to some destinations.

Japan and the USA are two destinations currently being pushed with direct flights from Australia to USA cities like Chicago, Houston, Dallas and New York now opening up, meaning you can travel beyond L.A and deep into the heart of America.


Airlines Are Filling Seats Last Minute and In Advance
I’ve seen a bunch of cheap flights drop lately, a combination of cancelled tickets, and the airline looks to be trying to fill seats last minute (up to 6 weeks out) as often these are select dates only.

There’s also been cheap airfares for seats sold in advance, like May, August, September, October, and November. Of course all of these are destination dependent.

Funnily enough, 28/29/30 April 2020 seems to be a cheap day to depart often.

Airlines are hoping for post Coronavirus bookings now so are trying to entice travellers to book early for travel later in the year, presuming the current chaos dissipates over the coming weeks and things will return to normal.

Currently most airlines affected by travel bans are offering full refunds or free rebooking to all travellers as a result of the Coronavirus so check an airlines stance before booking, in-case you need to alter your travel plans in the future.


However, if you’re trying to get to Hong Kong, it’s super expensive right now because most airlines have reduced their flights or cut them out entirely.

Meanwhile Air China is already offering cheap flights from the USA and Australia to Japan and Europe, as well as within China. Too soon?

If you’re travelling in the coming weeks, be aware many major attractions are closed for several weeks (Disneyland, Louvre) and many countries are putting bans on large gatherings like music festivals which is a great time for exploring nature, enjoying cities without crowds and relaxing with a good book on a beach or in a cafe someplace else.

However, here’s the good stuff you’ve been searching for. There cheap flights are all current, and have been released in the past few days:

>> Houston → Guatemala fr $120 roundtripBook Now

>> Brisbane → Nadi fr $490 return (inc bags) – Book Now

>> Brisbane → Manila fr $523 return (includes bags) – Book Now

>> Brisbane → Sydney fr $41 one way (Qantas)- Book Now

>> New York → Athens fr $291 return (direct) – Book Now

>> Los Angeles to Honolulu fr $182 roundtripBook Now

>> Sydney → London fr $1001 return (inc bags)Book Now

>> Sydney → Los Angeles fr $703 return (inc bags) – Book Now

>> Melbourne → Christchurch fr $213 (return inc bags) – Book Now

>> London → Moscow £49 returnBook Now

>> Miami → Milan fr $342 returnBook Now

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All airfare prices were available to book at the time of writing (this morning). These are just some of the deals I’ve seen however if you click through and the price has changed, it means it has booked out. Try alternate dates (or check the month calendar) to find other cheap flight tickets. In all honesty, in all my years of travelling, and being a travel agent, I’ve never seen airfares as cheap as now.

If you book, be sure to purchase travel insurance the same day as purchasing your flight to ensure you’re covered in case anything changes, and also double check the policy wording if the insurance will cover claims as a result of communicable diseases (or similar wording like plague).

Most insurance policies will cover alternate transport to get to a special event like a wedding, or if you have tickets to something, in case there’s a major schedule change and the airline can’t fulfil their initial agreement.

If you’re wondering if it’s safe to travel, check this article with relevant links to government sources.

If you want to search your own dates and city. You can do so below (will open in a new window):

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