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All the links to book the cheap flight deals mentioned in the podcast episode Jade Talks Cheap Flights #4 including Domestic Roundtrip flights under $100!
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Here’s links to book all the cheap flights deals mentioned in the podcast, Jade Talks Cheap Flights, Episode #4 published 14 Mar 20.

It’s a crazy time in the world right now, and many fear mongers have called me stupid for launching a ‘cheap flights’ podcast in the middle of such a time. However, I felt it was the perfect time, because in all my years of working in travel, and travelling, there has never been cheaper airfares for the public, as right now.

This Coronavirus saga will end, whilst for others, travel is a necessity. Right now, my uncle is in India, my sister leaves for Bali on Monday and my mother just booked a trip to Hawaii.

With crowds at their lowest, flights at their emptiest, and flight prices at their cheapest, there’s never been a better time to launch a cheap flights podcast because there’s never been a cheaper time to book travel.

Travel and tourism accounts for 1:10 jobs worldwide. It’s not just an airline that’s losing money due to the uncertainty, there’s flight attendants, pilots, engineers, hotel staff, restaurant staff, caters, airport employees, ticketing, customer service, website maintenance, marketing, travel agents, airport transfers, fuel companies, accommodation, car hire, attractions, foreign exchange, local tour companies, and the list goes on. All real people, with bills to pay. If people don’t travel, then the next step is homelessness, so really you’re doing a service to humanity.

Like anything, check the terms, purchase travel insurance, and check local government sources as things change. But many deals are focused on future travel, so jump in, whilst the going is good.

Anyway, on with the show. These deals were all available at the time of posting, if you see something you like, Book Now or Miss Out!

Cheap Flights From Australia

Sydney to Norfolk Island – $487 return included checked bag
Depart 15 Jun – 22 Jun 2020
Depart 13 Jul – Return 20 Jul 2020
Depart 10 Aug – return 17 Aug 2020
Book this flight to Norfolk Island now >>

Flights from Sydney to Norfolk Island (VV) are on Mondays/Friday/Saturdays only however cheap flights were mostly on the Monday.

Brisbane to Norfolk Island – AUD $469 return including checked bag
Depart 16 Jun – 23 Jun 2020
Depart 14 Jul – 21 Jul 2020
Depart 11 Aug – 18 Aug 2020
Book these flights to Norfolk Island now >>

Flights from Brisbane to Norfolk Island (VV) are on Tuesdays/Saturdays only.

Big Aussie Domestic Sale with Qantas, Tiger Air and Virgin

Sydney to Melbourne – AUD $100 return
Depart 11 May – 13 May 2020
Book this flight to Melbourne Now >>

Other cheap flights in Apr/May/Jun/July.
Sydney to Melbourne Depart 14 Aug – Return 21 Aug 2020 – $128 return

Brisbane to Adelaide – AUD $260 return
Depart 28 May – 31 May 2020
Book this flight to Adelaide now >>

Cheap Flights from New Zealand

Wellington to Dunedin – NZD $124 return
Depart 12 Aug – 19 Aug 2020
Book this flight to Dunedin Now >>

Christchurch to Nelson – NZD $90 return
Depart 12 Aug – 19 Aug 2020
Book this flight to Nelson Now >>

Auckland to Christchurch – NZD $56 return
Depart 12 Aug – 19 Aug 2020
Book this flight to Christchurch Now >>

Other similar cheap flights available in May/Jun

Cheap flights from Canada

Calgary to Winnipeg – CAD $139 return
Depart 21 May – 28 May 2020
Book this flight to Winnipeg Now >>

Toronto to Montreal – CAD $161 roundtrip
Depart 30 Mar – 02 Apr 2020
Book this flight to Montreal Now >>

Cheap Flights From USA

Los Angeles to Phoenix – USD $85 roundtrip
Depart 26 Mar – 30 Mar 2020
Book this flight to Phoenix Now >>

Miami to Chicago – USD $40 roundtrip
Depart 09 Apr – 14 Apr 2020
Book this flight to Chicago Now >>

Washington to Los Angeles – USD $47 roundtrip
Depart 23 Mar – 27 Mar 2020
Book this flight to Los Angeles Now >>

New York to Atlanta – USD $40 roundtrip
Depart 27 Mar – 30 Mar 2020
Book this flight to Atlanta Now >>

There may be other cheap domestic deals on, but it’s impossible to list every city. But it’s really quick and easy to search using my last minute flight finder tool* . Just type where you are, and where you’re going, and at a glance you can find the cheapest flights available.
*Results based on previous search results in the past 48 hours.

Prefer to search flights based on your own dates or city? Compare hundreds of websites and online travel agencies using my flight search comparison tool or find the best price on accommodation

Thanks for reading!
Happy travels
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