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Leonard Cohen thanks for the dance

Leonard Cohen – Thanks For The Dance

There's few albums I've played on repeat, the first was Leonard Cohen's Songs From a Room. The next was every Portishead Album ever. With Thanks for the dance, we have a sweet sorrowful wonder filled last hurrah; an album that from the moment it finished, I pressed play once more because it held answers to ...


Her echeveria heart

Here's a sample poem from a book I'm currently working on, Poetry About Plants. I felt inspired whilst gazing at the huge varieties of succulents I have somehow accumulated from Hailey. But I also felt that succulents have so many different personalities and looks, they could easily inspire an entire exhibition of art, words, photos ...

drunk love sober death book cover with blue pink yellow and black stripes by Jade Jackson

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Poem by Jade Jackson from the book Drunk Love Sober Death

‘Your Lover’ Poem Read Aloud by Prudence Q, from the book, Drunk Love Sober Death

A poem titled 'Your Lover' from Drunk Love Sober Death read out by Prudence Q. If the embedded instagram video doesn't work, you can watch the video here. View this post on Instagram Get your a ‘Drunk Love Sober Death’ poem book by Jade Jackson and the official t-shirt and other merchandise from or ...

drunk love sober death book cover with blue pink yellow and black stripes by Jade Jackson

Here’s a Free Sample

Here's a free sample of Drunk Love Sober Death!

drunk love sober death book amongst flowers

Media Review of Drunk Love Sober Death – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Media reviews of Drunk Love Sober Death, are in - they loved it! Read the full review here... #poetry #poet #poetsofig #poetrycommunity #poetryiscool

drunk love sober death book cover with blue pink yellow and black stripes by Jade Jackson

Do you love poetry?

Do you love to review books, especially poetry?

drunk love sober death book cover with blue pink yellow and black stripes by Jade Jackson

Drunk Love Sober Death Available Now

A captivating collection of poems influenced by being drunk, being in love, becoming sober, and dealing with death and grief; though not necessarily all at the same time. #drunklovesoberdeath #jadejackson #poetry #poem #booklaunch #published #dlsd

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Moneyland – A World Without Borders Exists But It’s Not For You

There is a world without borders, where laws don't apply, you don't have to pay taxes and you can literally get away with murder, but if you're not there, it's not for you. That place is Moneyland. #moneyland #jadetalkstravel #oliverbullough #moneylandbook #thievesandcrooks #putin #yanukovich

Wanted: Aspiring Writers in Sydney

Learn the business of writing form successful local authors.

Anything and Everything

Coming soon... A book of poetry by Jade Jackson!

Gone From My Days.

Gone from my days, oh sweet pretty one, who’s life was failed by all..

A pocket of wildness..

A pocket of wildness between two worlds anew

We know nothing..

We say we hear the wind, kissing, smothering, howling; It's not.


As clouds are my witness, so too, they're my saviour...

A Blanket of Softness.

A blanket of softness, a glowing speck of orange A raggedy line that should be straight...

None of it Matters, Nothing At All.

Written on a drizzly afternoon, days after Jennifer Olsen had died, yet before I was told.

A Dent In The Dirt of A Life Half Lived.

In a world untoward, she was an inconvenient reminder. Her story, a failure of many...

Where once a purpose lay..

Where once a purpose lay, solid on our path...

Best iPhone travel apps by Jade Jackson

The Greatest iPhone Apps To Use Whilst Travelling

The greatest iPhone apps to capture your trip, immerse with locals, communicate, be entertained on long plane trips and manage your money, all tested on multiple trips.

Write a Song to Capture Your Next Trip

Write a song on your next trip to make it memorable, for years to come; way more than a quick like on a selfie ever could.

Jade Talks Stuff Podcast

Jade Talks Poetry

In this podcast episode hear what inspired Jade Jackson to write his first poem, examples of early poetry and recent poems, as well as learn how to create your own beautiful poem. #poetry #jadejackson #jadetalkspoetry #jadetalksstuff #podcast