Buy an International SIM Card, Avoid Roaming Fees With Data fr 1c!

Grab an International SIM card for just AUD$16, use it anywhere, including Europe/Asia/America – data fr 1c and no roaming charges!
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It’s really easy and affordable to buy an International pre-paid SIM card before you leave, and use it anywhere in the world – Europe, Asia, North & South America, Pacific, Africa and Middle East. Gone are the days of returning home from your vacation with a stupidly expensive phone bill.

A Universal or International SIM card works in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Australia – Everywhere!


Drimsim is an International SIM card, giving you one phone number you can use in 197 countries. Pay as you go, be ready to go as soon as you arrive.

No more wasting half a day wandering around each new city trying to find the best deal on a local SIM card, then trying to top-up in a foreign language.

Instead, top up online via the app, check your balance at any time, and your universal SIM card works everywhere you’re travelling to, automatically.

International Data starts from €0,01 and phone calls start from €0,03 and incoming calls are FREE to receive!

BONUS – If you’re travelling with friends or family, send them a referral and you’ll both get €7 bonus credit added to your accounts!

I remember when I was in China I literally spent almost two days trying to get a local SIM card as no one wanted to sell one to a foreigner. Finally I found a small shop, that seemingly sold it under the counter, and they even set it up for me. I had to ask a hotel worked to top up my phone as the menu was in Chinese, but it was a a lot of time wasted when I was on holidays.

Purchase a pre-paid global SIM card and avoid roaming charges. One phone number, travel the world.

A pre-paid SIM card is just EUR€10/AUD$16/USD$11/GBP£9* and rates start from €0.01! Buy one now → or check rates for your destination.


*Allow up to 14 days for worldwide delivery or e-sim available for compatible devices.

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