Book Your Flights to Area 51**

Here’s how to book your travel to get to Area 51, in time for you know what.

It’s looking to be bigger than Coachella, bigger than Woodstock, heck, maybe even bigger than the landing on the moon. Don’t miss out on being a part of history, and join over 1 million people at the Area 51 Alien Travel Centre in Nevada in September.

There’s still flights available before 20 September for the inaugural Area 51 Raid and I’ve provided dates so you can have a few days afterwards hanging out with your new alien friends in Vegas, or if everything fails, there’s always the Alien Cat House (NSFW).

You’ll also want to stock up on fireworks from the Alamo Fireworks Megastore, which is opposite the Area 51 Alien Centre. Here you’ll find such beauties as a can of kick ass, Street Fighter and the Ministry of Magic fireworks to ensure you’ll make a grand entrance on Sep 20.

it’s super easy to get to the Area 51 Alien Travel Centre, all you need is a flight to Los Angeles and then a connecting flight to Las Vegas. The Area 51 Alien Travel Centre is just over an hour’s drive from Las Vegas.

All prices were correct at the time of writing and are in AUD. If you prefer alternative dates, simply click on the price and choose different dates. If you prefer to catch a bus to Las Vegas to save money, I’ve provided details on that option, (listed as option B).

300x250 - National Park Lodging
DepartReturnRouteView Details
19/Sep24/SepLAX-LAS Fly/A$125
19/Sep24/SepLAX-LAS Bus/B$54
18/Sep24/SepCar hire$329
21/Sep21/SepArea 51 Tour$289

All ‘view details’ links direct you to Jetradar flight search engine where you can find the combination of flights that work best for you. Jetradar searches hundreds of airlines and online travel agent sites to ensure you get the best possible price for the trip you wish to take. Before choosing your online travel agent, become familiar with some common online travel scams they will try on you.

Need flights from other cities? Search and compare now.

If you prefer to fly a specific airline, here’s the schedule between Sydney and Los Angeles:

You’ll need to rent a car for the last bit to get from Las Vegas to the Area 51 Alien Travel Centre, which you can collect in Las Vegas. For the best rates on decent cars, with customised options (maybe you want a convertible so you can ‘see them aliens coming’) check out Discover Car Hire with rates from $55/day all inclusive.

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Prefer to ride the desert roads or cruise the Vegas Strip on a Harley? Pre-book the motorcycle of your choice to pick up in Las Vegas and go exploring. From only $188/day!


If you’re a cheap skate/tightarse and prefer to catch the bus to Las Vegas, instead of flying from Las Angeles, then you can, for $54 return. Check details on below:


If you prefer someone else to take you around, then opt for the
Area 51 Day tour which departs from Las Vegas and includes a visit to the top secret, Janet Airlines, the black mailbox, the mysterious dry lake, the mutant Joshua tree forest and of course the infamous desert terrain surrounding Area 51. It also includes lunch and water however is already booked out on Sep 20 and 21, so if you’re interested in this, you might want to book it in now.


Need flights from other cities? Search and compare below:

Need a hotel in Las Vegas? Try the SLS Las Vegas fr $143/night

Search the best prices for hotels in Las Vegas , many discounted.

Watch the X Files Episode where Moulder breaks into Area 51 through a hole in the fence.

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