Beautiful and (mostly) Affordable Holiday Houses in Japan fr $96/night

So you’ve booked your flights to Japan and now you need to plan the rest of your trip. Here’s ten beautiful holiday houses from $96/night!
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So you’ve booked some cheap flights to Japan, and now you need to plan the rest of your trip? Here’s a selection of hand-picked beautiful holiday houses you can rent.

Staying in a Ryoken (a Japanese Inn) will give you a traditional Japanese experience but these are often expensive. However you can find plenty of apartments to rent throughout Japan, starting from $96/night. All prices quoted include cleaning fees and service charges if applicable.

If you want other budget travel ideas, listen to my podcast episode, where I chat to Associate Professor of Linguistics, Nathaniel Rudolph who has lived in Japan for many years and he also gives solid advice on how to become fluent in Japanese.

The most important attraction in Kyoto, especially in Summer.

Dates and prices are based on travel in June but can search your own dates, cities and places right here:
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Asahikawa, Hokkaido, from $233/night

Your Second Home
This 2 bedroom house near Asahikawa in Hokkaido, Japan makes the ultimate wilderness escape, without roughing it. Your host can also act as guide, driver, photographer; or for the independent traveller, it’s a 5 minute walk from the nearest JR station. Includes breakfast.
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Ikebukuro, Tokyo from $174/night

1 Bedroom Apartment
Centrally located, this cute and cosy apartment is perfect for exploring downtown Tokyo. Sleeps up to 4 and includes air-conditioning.
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Roppongi, Tokyo from $189/night

Stylish and modern
Roppongi is the stylish nightclub district of Tokyo, lively and unique. Just watch out if a girl approaches you at the bar, you’re paying for her drinks, and her time.
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Shinsaibashi, Osaka fr $145/night

Spacious Loft
This spacious 2 bedroom loft is in the heart of Osaka, surrounded by bars, restaurants, shops and glowing neon lights. Waste no time commuting when you can walk everywhere!
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Sakai, Nagasaki from $177/night

History and an Open-air Bath
I fell in love with this place. It’s simplicity oozes serenity. It’s traditional Japanese style, combined with western touches so you’ll feel at home. The outdoor bath is a great way to end the day and it’s close to historic sights.
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Mt Fuji, Fujikawaguchiko fr $163/night

Tiny house
Before you hike up Mt Fuji (which was the hardest thing I’ve ever done), have a cosy night’s sleep in a cute tiny house, close to Lake Yamanaka and a short drive from Mt Fuji.
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Kita Ward, Kyoto from $96/night

1 Bedroom Apartment
This homely and cosy 1 bedroom apartment is in North Kyoto (where I lived), close to the Golden Temple, the Kamo Gawa (river), and Nijo Castle.
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Tickets 728*90

Need a Japan Rail Pass? Book your full Japan Rail Passes here. If you require regional Japan Rail Passes, you can find those here.

Hondori, Hiroshima from $99/night

Capsule Hotel
No stay in Japan is complete without a capsule hotel. This clean and comfortable stay has all modern ammenities and is located within a shopping centre in downtown Hiroshima.
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Naramachi, Nara from $99/night

Centrally located Guesthouse
Guesthouse NaNa is close to Nara Park and Todaiji Temple where you can get a selfie with the deer that roam the gardens.
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Minoshima, Fukuoka from $105/night

Clean and comfortable
I always wanted to visit Fukuoka just because the airport code is FUK. I bet there is some cool souvenirs you could get.
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