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Book your discounted flight to Rome, Italy – travel in 2020, from just $770 Return!

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Grab a super cheap flight and race away to Rome with these fantastic airfares from China Southern! Travel during February – April 2020. All bags and meals included, plus a free hotel for any layovers! Hurry this sale ends soon!

**This deal has now ended**

But that doesn’t mean you’ve missed out. You can browse the latest travel deals here. If you’re looking for a particular destination, you can search for cheap flights to anywhere here, or request deals from your city.

Ride a scooter, eat gelato, drink espresso, listen to opera, wear cute floral dresses and sleek fitted suits, speak in delicate tongues and fall in love a thousand times a day. Welcome to Italy. Do it all with passion, or don’t do it at all. Escape to the hills of Tuscany, the cliffs of Sicily, the canals of Venice or the art filled laneways of Florence.

Chances are you won’t need the return ticket because you won’t want to come back, but that’s okay, you can easily apply for a working holiday visa and stay just a little longer.

If you want to avoid the crowds, you’ll find my top Italian travel tips here.

Avoid the crowds in Italy with my top travel tips.

Click on ‘view flight’ to see live availability (opens in a new window) and choose your online travel agent to book your tickets. Dates provided below are sample dates and are not the only days available.
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$770 Return Melbourne to Rome – Fiumicino Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
04/Mar27/Mar$770View Flight
24/Feb20/Mar$770View Flight
24/Feb16/Mar$770View Flight
06/Mar27/Mar$770View Flight
24/Feb21/Mar$770View Flight
24/Feb13/Mar$770View Flight
04/Mar21/Mar$770View Flight
21/Feb16/Mar$780View Flight
06/Mar26/Mar$786View Flight
24/Feb18/Mar$824View Flight
$837 Return Sydney to Rome – Fiumicino Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
04/Mar27/Mar$837View Flight
04/Mar28/Mar$837View Flight
02/Mar24/Mar$837View Flight
02/Mar28/Mar$837View Flight
02/Mar21/Mar$837View Flight
04/Mar23/Mar$837View Flight
08/Mar27/Mar$837View Flight
06/Mar23/Mar$837View Flight
03/Mar27/Mar$848View Flight
24/Feb21/Mar$848View Flight
$863 Return Perth to Rome – Fiumicino Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
17/Feb10/Mar$863View Flight
02/Mar24/Mar$863View Flight
17/Feb14/Mar$863View Flight
17/Feb07/Mar$863View Flight
02/Mar21/Mar$863View Flight
17/Feb12/Mar$866View Flight
17/Feb09/Mar$866View Flight
02/Mar23/Mar$866View Flight
19/Mar09/Apr$868View Flight
17/Feb13/Mar$899View Flight
$876 Return Adelaide to Rome – Fiumicino Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
02/Mar26/Mar$876View Flight
02/Mar28/Mar$876View Flight
02/Mar21/Mar$876View Flight
02/Mar31/Mar$876View Flight
02/Mar01/Apr$881View Flight
02/Mar02/Apr$881View Flight
20/Feb21/Mar$886View Flight
02/Mar24/Mar$900View Flight
07/Mar31/Mar$901View Flight
07/Mar28/Mar$901View Flight
$899 Return Brisbane to Rome – Fiumicino Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
08/Mar31/Mar$899View Flight
19/Feb13/Mar$899View Flight
24/Feb20/Mar$899View Flight
02/Mar23/Mar$899View Flight
02/Mar28/Mar$899View Flight
26/Feb23/Mar$899View Flight
19/Feb10/Mar$899View Flight
08/Mar28/Mar$899View Flight
24/Feb23/Mar$899View Flight
26/Feb26/Mar$899View Flight

Flights to Rome – Fiumicino Your departure city wasn’t included? Click to see the prices we have found from your city to Rome – Fiumicino

Rome – Fiumicino Hotels Get a great deal on a room in Rome – Fiumicino

These flights are with China Southern and involve layovers in Guangzhou, China in both directions � some of them may be long.
There may also be brief layovers in Amsterdam for some flights.

As a bonus, China Southern Airlines offers free hotel accommodation for long layovers in Guangzhou; click here for more information about this offer and how to redeem it.

Australian passport holders can enter Guangzhou without a visa as part of a layover; click here for more information about visa-free access to China.

China Southern Airlines is a full-service carrier, so these fares include checked baggage and in-flight meals.

Can I use my own dates? Yes – just click the link closest to your preferred dates and then change the dates once the search has completed.

These prices won’t last long. Usually a few days but sometimes much shorter. If you click the sample dates and the prices have gone up it unfortunately means the sale has ended.

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Add-on an Italian Rail Pass and save!
Find point to point tickets to:
Rome, Florence, and Pisa + regional destinations, here.

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