Australia to Fiji fr $547 return**

Fully inclusive return flights to Fiji fr $547 return, flying with Fiji Airways!
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Nip off to Nadi with these fantastic fares to Fiji from Fiji Airways! Travel during a range of 2020 dates. All bags and meals included! Hurry, sale ends soon.

All flights are with Fiji Airways and are direct. Fiji Airways are a full service airline, so all checked baggage, in-flight meals and entertainment are included. They are also a one-world connect partner airline.

**This deal has now ended**

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These cheap seats won’t last long, at most a day or so. If you find dates that suit, book it or miss out. Click on ‘view flight‘ to see flight times or to choose alternate dates. From there, you can then choose an online travel agent to book your flight.

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$548 Return Brisbane to Nadi Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
25/Feb03/Mar$548View Flight
25/Mar30/Mar$548View Flight
22/May30/May$548View Flight
14/Jun25/Jun$548View Flight
14/Mar21/Mar$550View Flight
18/Mar28/Mar$555View Flight
27/Apr07/May$555View Flight
12/May22/May$555View Flight
11/May22/May$555View Flight
16/May23/May$555View Flight

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$549 Return Sydney to Nadi Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
21/Aug28/Aug$549View Flight
30/May13/Jun$549View Flight
24/Jun08/Jul$549View Flight
24/Jun09/Jul$549View Flight
21/Feb01/Mar$549View Flight
01/May11/May$550View Flight
22/Feb29/Feb$550View Flight
09/Feb18/Feb$551View Flight
30/Jan14/Feb$551View Flight
29/Aug05/Sep$553View Flight
$596 Return Melbourne to Nadi Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
11/Feb21/Feb$596View Flight
18/Feb28/Feb$596View Flight
16/Feb27/Feb$596View Flight
11/Feb22/Feb$596View Flight
18/Feb29/Feb$596View Flight
14/Feb21/Feb$598View Flight
22/Feb29/Feb$598View Flight
09/Feb20/Feb$598View Flight
15/Feb25/Feb$599View Flight
23/Feb29/Feb$599View Flight

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