Australia – Singapore Travel Bubble Coming Soon

Travel to Singapore, coming soon!

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The Prime Minister recently announced that Australia and Singapore are working towards a travel bubble. Though it is not known when that might open up nor was any time-line given its another baby step to Australians being allowed to venture further afield.

An Australia – Singapore travel bubble is also the perfect stopover point to Europe considering officially; Italy, Spain, Greece and Germany are open to Australian’s according to IATA Travel Centre.

Most likely, you’ll need to prove you’ve had the COVID-19 vaccine plus potentially also have a rapid result covid test with a negative result to travel, but it’s a small price to pay for limited travel freedom.

Also, an Australia-Singapore travel bubble would work equally well with the Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble which is temporarily suspended but would mean Australians could fly to Hong Kong, with a stopover in Singapore. At this stage, with many desperate to travel, any destination outside Australia is going to sound appealing.

What are your thoughts? Should Australia be working with other nations to get more travel bubbles happening or should we wait until all countries are COVID-19 free? Comment below!

Read the news article here.

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Stay tuned for the Australia – Singapore travel bubble, coming soon.

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