5 Stop Round the World Islands & Cities fr $2357 including tax!

Create custom itineraries like this Round the World 5 stop ticket fr $2347 inc tax featuring Islands and Cities!
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These days it’s super easy to create your own custom itinerary using the multi-city route search, on the flight booking page.

Click on multi-city route on the bottom left.

The multi-city route search allows you to choose your stopover cities, based on what you want, not what the airline is willing to sell you. There’s limits of course, an airline still needs to fly there, but it allows you to easily mix and match airlines that are not on the same frequent flyer networks, so you can book your dream vacation.

Here’s a sample round the world itinerary covering islands in the Indian and Pacific Ocean, plus vibrant cities New York and Paris. It’s the best of both worlds. Relaxation and romance combined with art, shopping, theatre, music and food.

To build a multi-city itinerary, search your first sector (flight between A-B) and find the best option, then move onto the next sector and search, building your itinerary as you go.

✈️ Not every airline, flies every route, every day. ✈️

Sydney → Mauritius → Reunion Island → Paris → New York → Nadi → Sydney

5 Stops, inclusive of airport taxes fr $2357 Including Tax
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Note: Not all flights operate direct everyday. This itinerary is a hacker-fare, different rules and baggage restrictions apply for each airline. Double check the rules of each before purchasing your ticket.

Sydney → Mauritius31/Aug
Mauritius → Reunion 12/Sep
Reunion → Paris18/Sep
Paris → New York02/Oct
New York → Nadi10/Oct
Nadi → Sydney17/Oct
Total Cost$2357
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