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Hi, Just a quick update on changes that are happening on my website.
As you know, my website is a culmination of useful and inspiring travel content forged by my years of knowledge as a travel agent, a tour guide, a cruise ship employee, a teacher of travel and tourism, an issuer of airline tickets, a sales and marketing guru helping tourism businesses sell online and of course my exploration of over 55+ countries, which is presented in interesting articles, a travel podcast and soon to be books, as I finish and publish them.


I have a saying, once a travel agent, always a travel agent. I genuinely get excited about cheap deals, even if I don’t have the funds or time to take up every single offer and am always on the lookout for what’s out there.

My site is the best place to share this knowledge so expect to see the best of these deals appearing on my site, along with booking functionality, which I am currently building. Already you can find cheap hotels through Agoda, via links on my site, but coming soon you’ll be able to book flights (and compare multiple websites), hotels, European and Japanese rail passes, attraction passes including Disney tickets, discounted Hong Kong Ocean Park tickets, global SIM cards which work everywhere (so no need to change numbers), along with cheap car hire, guide books, and travel insurance.

I know booking travel requires visits to multiple websites and can be frustrating so I hope to help make the process easier.

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By booking via links on my site, you’ll also be helping to support my creative endeavours, including keeping my site going ensuring you get more travel knowledge, more deals, and as suppliers notice this, then expect more exclusives.

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My travel podcast, Travelosophy is also going through some changes. Don’t worry it will still contain the useful and inspiring travel knowledge and stories you love (along with the occasional interview), but I’ve decided to change the name to Jade Talks Travel. The main reason is Jade Talks Travel is a better reflection of what the podcast has become, plus it also sits nicely against my other podcast, Jade Talks Stuff. It is a closer tie-in with my website and name. So if you’re already subscribed, you don’t have to do anything. The feed will remain the same, all the old episodes will remain, just expect a name change (potentially a logo change, haven’t 100% decided about this) which will be updated the next time a new episode is published. 

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If you’re not a subscriber to my podcast, you can quickly and easily do so from here, with just a click, regardless of the device or app you use to listen to podcasts, you’ll find them all there.

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If you love the content I provide, and wish to continue seeing it, there’s really easy ways you can show your support. Head to the Support my Podcast page to see how, with just a few clicks, you too can help.

It costs real money to keep this website going, so buying my books, photos,(and soon to be poetry recordings from my online shop) all contribute, as well as shopping via affiliate links on my site. But liking (free), sharing (also free) and subscribing (again, free) are really easy ways to help my site grow.

My ultimate dream is to build a global community of travellers, with the power to make real change happen. To make travel easier and accessible to all. To increase learning and appreciation of culture, through experience and understanding. Ultimately I want to see an end to racism caused by the uneducated fear of ‘migrants’. I want to live in a world that caters to global movement, without the red tape of visas. A place where fixing the planet’s problems is a community effort by every human, not just by your local cafe that bans straws. A world where inequality ceases to exist, where corporations answer to their customers, not making their own rules up. A place where love between countries can flourish and not be hindered by government bureaucracy. Some may call it a crazy dream, I call it, the future for humanities sake. A global solution to global problems. Let’s change the world.

Thanks for reading, listening and liking my posts. If you have comments, suggestions, top travel tips, or stuff you’d like to see more of, please contact me, or you can tweet me, message me on facebook or find me on Instagram.

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